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Hero‘ s journey

More about the Hero´s journey methodology

There are situations in life, when you hear out an inner call to follow your vision into the dark forest of the unknown. This side of your person who decides to follow the inner call, is called HERO. On your way you may encounter supporters offering you advice and instruments for the ordeals to come.

And then you reach a threshold, a gateway into the adventure. This is guarded by another aspect of you, called the DEMON. He, she or it represents all what you were not able to live yet and what is therefore burning to come out and to become seen at any price, e.g. as sabotage.

If this confrontation between hero and demon leads in the last end to an agreement satisfying both sides, you may enter the land of adventure, the land of miracles and have to pass tests and a supreme ordeal to win new insights of your path. With this reward you leave the magical world behind you and come home again.

Here you have to adapt your gifts into your everyday life.
This type of story is ancient and to be found in myths and fairy tales of all cultures.

The process structure of Hero´s journey, used in methodology developed by paul Rebillot can be found for example in fairy tales…

Three soldiers, an Englishman, an Irishman and a Scotsman, commit desertion and leave the army. For many days they battle their way through a giant forest. In the night they sleep on trees in order to escape the wild animals. One after the other discovers a castle in the distance and heads off for it alone with the last of his strength, exhausted with hunger and thirst. When he has finally reached the castle he is despaired, because there was no sign of life. But then a window was opened and a woman beautiful as the moon inquires after his wishes and invites him for meat and drink. The English and the Irish accept thankfully and are guided to a bed. Like all their predecessors they fall into a deep sleep from which only a miracle might wake them up again. Only the Scotsman asks the hostess, who she is and why she is doing so. He learns, that she is an enchanted czarevna and is waiting for her liberator since a long time. She asks him if he is ready to risk his life for her disenchantment. He is. Two times he is beaten up nearly to death by demons in a chamber of horror. After that he wants to abandon, but she succeeds in convincing him to continue. How? She tells him: nobody is born as a hero, it is the circumstances which make a hero. He falls into the trap of a fake helper. She is gone, but a sword is passed on him from her. When he is ready to commit suicide after years of unsuccessful searching, he draws his sword and reads on its blade “QIn the blue mountains you will find me“. With fresh courage he heads for the mountains.

In our life again and again we go through seasons …

Spring – CALL, START, BREAKUP: our desire, our vision calls us to action

Summer – BUILD UP, SETTLE, SET UP, MATURING: We work to make it real and have to overcome drawbacks and barriers


Winter REST, LOOK Back, LISTEN with wide ears

… and witness the path of the hero


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